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Est. 2006


Col-Tec is short for Collating Technology.

Graph-Pak & Col - Tec started the partnership in 2006 , some of the biggest collating machines in the Southern hemispere have been installed with the largest in the remote Victorian country location of Bendigo proving the bespoke build quality of Col-Tec is your best selection in collating machinery.

The  full trading name Col-Tec (Solutions) Ltd describes the aim of our business, which is to provide customers with complete Collating Technology Solutions.

We manufacture high performance suction feed collators, booklet makers and associated optional extras. These collators are designed for high speed, versatile and robust operation. They can collate stock material well outside the capability of most other collators from light weight film to thick books.

Col-Tec staff are amongst the most experienced and skilled collating engineers in the world. Their knowledge has produced a collator of great versatility, with simple operation, high speed and above all reliable engineering.

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List Of Products

Col-Tec Stitch, Fold, Trim Units
  • Up To 4000 c.p.h.
  • Books up to 6mm thick
  • Over 500kg compression for flatter booklets
  • Double transport belts
  • Centre knife & three knife trimming options
  • Fast connection to Col-Tec collators and other existing collators
Further Technical Information

The wire stitches are closed by means of independent clinchers, which are always in line with the stitching head. The minimum distance between heads is 50 mm. It is possible to stitch on the edge of the set. The front edge trimmer is equipped with a clamp to press the book flat prior to trimming. The booklet maker is equipped with compression rollers to ensure that the final booklet has a neat, flat fold. The stream delivery unit has a batch counter fitted as standard

Collator Range

(Sizes B4, B3, B2 and B1)

  • Suction feed
  • High speed performance up to 4000 c.p.h.
  • All stock types 20 - 1000gms
  • Virtually unlimited potential for collating of stock types: flat sheet, folded sections, envelopes, plastics and books etc.
  • Continuous operation, ('loading on the run' in shallow pile format or feeding from deep pile stations)
  • Belted conveyor with automatic knock up of sheets throughout the collation process
  • Computer programming options
  • Wide range of optional equipment
  • Machines built to customised formats if required