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Est. 2006

Compact Foilers

Compact Foilers have over 90 years experience in manufacturing and supplying web processing equipment, around the world.

Constant product development, reflecting customer and market demands, ensures Compact Foilers retain a significant competitive edge worldwide, providing comprehensive solutions that can be tailor-made to suit specific requirements.

We work very closely with customers throughout all project stages with an emphasis on attention to detail and application suitability.

List Of Products

CF1000 Foiler

The CF1000 module can be used for the application of Cold Foil and to create special holographic effects (Cast and Cure) by feeding embossed film in to the print station generating a 3D image in the varnish, which is then UV dried before removing and rewinding the film for multiple passes.


Both unwind and rewind are driven using the latest digital servo control s for perfect tension and speed matching during the foiling process.

The press is started and the adhesive image applied / printed on the preceding station, checked for registration before initiating the foiling section. The nip is closed and the module immediately accelerates automatically to match the press speed.


The portable Unwind and Rewind module is positioned and secured in the docking station next to the desired Press location.

The system supplies and press controls are quickly connected using the coded plug and sockets. On power up the unit automatically recognises the station, setting up the relevant press interlocks before signalling that the unit is ready for use.


The non- coated side of the web is turned through 90 degrees before and after the foiling process using our air turner bar section, located above the press sections used for foiling.