Elite Cameron

The Elite Cameron brand has been established for over 100 years, with manufacturing facilities in the UK & USA, we have in excess of 12,000 machine installations Worldwide! We specialise in Slitting and Rewinding, Coating and Laminating Machines which are extremely versatile and capable of processing materials such as delicate non wovens, flexible packaging, self adhesive tapes and laminates, papers, foils, rubber and plastics.

Our Ancillary range includes Manual and Automatic Core Cutters, Automatic Knife Systems, Laser Core and Knife Positioning Systems and our Patented Differential Rewind shafts all of which are available for retro-fit on to other makes of equipment. We have an experienced team of engineers with a wealth of application knowledge who adopt a fresh approach with new and unique concepts to solve your web processing problems.

TS Converting Equipment continues to expand their range of Elite Cameron Hot Melt Coaters.

There are now four models, all of which are available with in-line Slitting and Rewinding, dual lamination locations and progressive chilling zones. TS explain that Hot Melt coating has become very popular with the rapid development of adhesives designed to replace solvent based products. This is normally supplied in pellets, blocks or in drums, heated and extruded precisely through a slot die directly on to the web. A wide variety of Coating Heads and Melt tanks can be selected to accommodate the customer’s preferences. “We have seen a dramatic increase in Hot Melt Coater orders” says Tim Self, Director of TS Converting, “The Hot Melt coating process is very simple and does not require expensive ovens and evaporation systems. 100% of the adhesive is contained within the system to prevent contamination then extruded at full width or in stripes directly on to the web without waste.”

The smaller units have cantilevered unwinds and rewinds for rapid reel loading. The precision slot die coating heads are always mounted between two substantial side frames for rigidity and accuracy required for high tolerance coating. The wider models are dual side frame construction for stability and high running speeds. Precise web tension control and accurate, streak free coating on to film, paper and foil ensure high quality, lay flat laminates that are demanded by the industry today. “Our in line slitting and rewinding system is unique, effectively providing two machines in one.” claims Tim Self, “The customer can manufacture a wide range of Self Adhesive tapes and Laminates slit to finished size or ready for secondary processing such as die cutting or printing.”

In addition to the three slitting options, (Crush, Shear and Razor), in line coat weight measurement and Corona Treating is also available, TS also manufacture a range of off- line Hot and Cold laminators for the production of a wide variety of substrates. Recent installations include The Tape Range Distributers, Interchemall (Poland), Nitto, RGH Rubber & Plastics and Zeus Inc for medical dressings.