SBL Group

SBL is a world class manufacturer of die cutters, foilers, folder gluers, paper to board laminators, and ancillary automation equipment.

Die cutting is a seasoned method of generating custom-cut paper, pasteboard, carton, plastic, and metal sheets into uniform sizes and shapes.

SBL modernizes this process through automatic platen creasing and cutting machine. We designed each model to have a long lifespan even as it continuously carries out die cutting and creasing tasks at rapid speeds.

SBL‘s automatic platen creasing and cutting machine are made with durable materials sourced from Taiwan, Japan, and the European Union. Our R&D and design teams developed each model to fulfill diverse needs in the printing and packaging industries. Take your pick from our die cutting machines at SBL.

GRAPH-PAK signed a 4 year exclusive arrangement with SBL group in 2015.