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Est. 2006


Schneider Senator is proudly sold and serviced in Australia through Graph-pak since 2006 , the name alone is a house hold brand , we have over 100 guilotines in the australian market all running well.

The History of Schneider Senator

  • 1898
    Formation of company MBS under the name of Karl Ritscher in Hamburg. Manufacturing of machines and vehicles for the agricultural sector.

  • 1944
    Rebuild of the new MBS factory in Sproetze/Buchholz, later on, company take-over by MAN – Roland AG.

  • 1948
    Formation of Schneider Senator sales company in Hamburg. Presentation of the first high-speed cutter with hydraulic clamp and mechanical knife drive, the Senator 78.

  • 1952
    Schneider Senator participates its first trade show, the industrial fair in Hannover.

  • 1954
    Exhibitor at DRUPA in Duesseldorf. The first Senator 132 was produced.

  • 1955
    The "EA 4R" by Schneider Senator is the first programmable industrial guillotine on the market controlled by magnetic tape.

  • 1958
    At DRUPA, Schneider Senator presents the complete range of products with the Senators 106, 132 and 155.

List Of Products

High-speed cutter Senator E-Line 185 & 260

For larger formats power and precision are decisive. And it’s precisely these characteristics, combined with a high degree of reliability that you enjoy with the E-Line 185 & 260 from Schneider Senator. For problem-free sheet handling these guillotines can also be equipped with various peripheral equipment to automatic cutting lines.

  • Computer-control with TFT-colour monitor
  • Electrical drive equipment: 400 volts, 50 cycles (other voltage optional)
  • CE & EN 1010 – conform • Solid cast iron frame
  • Infrared safety curtain • Ball race lead screw
  • Safety bolt • Optical cut indicator
  • 2 knives (HSS quality) • 5 sinus cutting sticks
  • Pneumatic clutch with overload protection
  • Specially polished cast iron machine table, airblown
  • Option: “Trimm-Master” automatic waste removal (through opening of the front table)

These high-speed cutters can take a lot of abuse. Our decades of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality cutters guarantees a long and trouble-free run - even in non-stop production conditions. The first-class price/performance ratio ensures minimum maintenance, longevity and outstanding serviceability. As an option the E-Line 185 can be delivered with a larger cutting width of 190,6 cm.

High-speed cutter Senator S-Line 115H, 137H, 155H

The advantages of the Senator S-Line H are obvious at a glance. It's faster, more precise and more economical. And so it should be. With its direct-hydraulic drive concept the S-Line H sets new standards for cutting machine performance.

Patented power drive.

During the development phase of the E-Line, we took great pains to ensure user-friendly operations. Knife changes, for example, can be performed easily and quickly without the operator having to leave his station. The knife draw rod never needs to be adjusted. All grease nipples are located at the outside of the machine.

Profi-line Jogger

Schneider Senator offers joggers with and without pneumatically driven air-removal roller. All joggers are free standing. Height-adjustable floor plates provide stable stands - there‘s no need to bolt the unit to the floor. The processing direction: (left, right or optionally to the rear), the tilting angle and the jogging intensity are adjustable.
The control devices have been ergonomically integrated. Operations are push-button and foot pedal controlled. The side flap is operated pneumatically. The air removal roller of the Profi-Line Jogger type 78 is equipped with a safety bar. The air removal speed and -pressure is adjustable.

As soon as the jogging position (left or right) is chosen the jogging process can begin. The jogger immediately sinks to an ergonomically favourable loading position. The stock is moved into position. According to the applied vibration and degree of inclination it is automatically jogged true and even on the grip and lay edge. Air trapped between the stock can be removed as desired by using the intermediate pressing function.

The pressing operation starts via foot pedal or start button. The air removal roller rolls over the stack, the air is pressed out completely, the material is held in position by a clamp. While the air is being pressed out, the jogger moves horizontally to the unloading position at table height. The air blower is started. A side flap is opened automatically, the jogged stack can be easily »glided« on the air cushion to the guillotine or automatically moved to the rear onto a conveyor table (option).

Profi-line Pile Hoist

Schneider Senator offers you several ways to position your stock. The Pile hoists are available with forks, platforms, with or without lateral air blast and, upon request, with pre-piling devices for ensuring true and even stock edges. These free-standing hoists provide an ergonomically designed control panel that can be mounted on the left or right side. It permits also lifting and lowering maneuvers to be automatically controlled. It furthermore ensures the precise positioning of the stock at the proper height. These pile hoists make stock handling easier than ever before. And that saves time and effort.

The Profi-Line features.

  • Robust welded construction, designed for transversal pick-up of pallets
  • Movable via two ball-bearing mounted wheels and two steering wheels
  • Hydraulic drive, Stock is automatically lifted and lowered with use of a photocell
  • Choice of adjustable forks or platform, Easy to use control panel with three automatic operating commands, Bilateral blower for blowing and fanning stock (optional)
  • Pre-piling device for ensuring true and even stock edges (optional)
  • Pile board with or without blower, gaps for gripper systems on demand (optional)

Profi-line Restack

The Senator Profi-Line restacker ensures exact placement of sheet material onto pallets. Paper, board, card or plastic, printed or plain materials can be automatically layered into precisely aligned stacks of up to 300 kg weight and 1.65 m height without manual intervention. The Senator Profi-Line restacker greatly increases the productivity of material processing by eliminating time and energy consuming activities of the guillotine.

The high-speed cutter pushes the processed material onto the table, positioned at loading height. The material is lined up against the back stop and the lowered lateral edge. The opposite positioning ruler is lowered and holds the material against the lateral alignment stop. Next the table and the stops with the material travel into the proper stacking position across the pallet. The material is now positioned directly over the stacking unit.

The material is placed in precise alignment onto the stack by removing the table from beneath and returning it automatically to its original position. Simultaneous stacking of variable sizes of material is carried out with precise alignment and minimal abrasion. There is negligible height difference to overcome. The material is permanently clamped during the entire process.