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Graph-Pak & Smyth joined back in 2012 , the combination is one of kind offering High Quality Digital Print Finishing for Speciality Niche printers - Spine Sewing , binding for Digial on demand printers , starting with only a flat sheet resulting in products like albums , photobooks .

Smyth Digital-88 and DigitaLine: the state-of-the-art solutions to produce thread sewn books starting from flat sheets.
Smyth F3088, F1088 and Freccia 55-L Book Sewers: ideal solutions for the "Book on-Demand"Photobooks and Oversized Books.

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Integrated system that combines:

  • Folding, Inserting and Thread Sewing
  • Modular design and extreme versatility
  • Handles digitally printed sheets up to 500 x 700 mm
  • Possibility to personalize every single book at a low price
  • Combining Litho signatures with digital ones

Smyth Digitaline is an integrated modular system to bind digitally printed books.

It combines Folding, Inserting and Thread Sewing in one automated solution. Starting from digitally printed sheets, the folding unit feeds directly the sheets into the book sewer. It means that this system is able to take the flat sheets, fold and insert them to create the signature, and then sew the signatures.

All these steps are performed in line automatically so that binders achieve a reduction of labour costs, and at the same time they are able to get a high quality sewn book block at a low price.

That is because they exploit the cost advantage of an automated production line.

Thanks to Smyth Digitaline the process of folding, inserting and thread sewing is now easier, faster and cost effective.

F1088 Book Sewing Machine

Low cost book sewer and very simplified machine

  • Manual feeding and front loading of signatures
  • Mechanical speed up to 15 cycles/minute
  • Handles signatures up to 510 x 550 mm
  • Ideal solution to bind Books on Demand
  • Designed for digital printing and short runs
  • Also used for sampling by traditional binders
  • Proven sewn quality
  • Extreme user-friendliness
  • Fast format change and low running costs