In response to demand from the printing industry for an efficient way to manage the removal of trim off cuts and other waste paper from their saddle stitchers.

Since then we have evolved in to a respected international company that is the provider of an array of quality products and services to the printing and paper converting industries. We understand that a paper extraction system needs to be as uncomplicated as possible with no moving parts or catch points, as these result in system down-time and maintenance issues.

TRS Trim Removal Systems was established in 1996, Graph-Pak and TRS partnered soon after and formed a combination seen as one of Australias's finest sales and service teams, TRS look after all Graph-Pak products in Melbourne for installation and service.

TRS have also expanded into pneumatic conveying for industries such as envelope manufacturing, food packaging, woodworking, cabinet making, joinery and coffee roasting just to name a few.