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Distillation Units - Model ROTOmaX

The ROTOmaX recovers washing solvent and washing fluids and treats ink residues in the cylindrical distillation boiler featuring a steam-heated floor. 

The until is designed for batch operation and continuous operation.  High-boiling solvents can be distilled with the available vacuum technology.  An agitator/scaper system rotating slowly in the boiler permanently stirs the contents, keeps the heating surfaces clean to ensure an optimum heat transfer and, at the end of distillation, automatically discharges the residue through the open discharges the residue through the open discharge valve at the bottom of the boiler. 

With the type-examined agitator/scraper system and other safety-related details, the unit meets ATEX requirements.  The only waste remaining is a small quantity of concentrated sludge or solid residue. Reduction of energy costs by means of warm water heating or energy regeneration through condensation of vapor, i.e. the energy contained in the vapor (= vaporized liquid) is used to heat the unit.