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Est. 2006

Rima System

RIMA-SYSTEM is a worldwide enterprise with production facilities in the United States of America and Germany offering complete solutions producing floor and overhead conveying systems, rotary trimmers, compensating stackers, blocking units, log stackers and palletizing robots. These products are marketed through Project Centers and worldwide dealer networks.

In Australia Graph-Pak has claimed the majority of sales in the last decade  of Rima Systems high speed post press systems ,compensating stackers , trimmers  .

RIMA-SYSTEM strives to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. Our employees work together closely and in cooperation. This is also how we work with our customers, fairly and honestly from the start. What is our goal? Just like our customers, we want to prove that we are a reliable and long term partner.

We offer high quality, flawless, durable and reliable equipment to our customers. Our working environment is conducive to excellence. Our employees are motivated, competent and friendly. Most importantly, we are interested in providing solutions to our customers` problems. We are customer-focused, providing outstanding service and support, quick reaction times, accessibility and availability.

To be active internationally requires understanding of other cultures. Only those who are familiar with regional subtleties are able to offer optimal customer solutions. Our worldwide project centers and dealer network offer more than just local equipment sales. Our international team solves problems locally and globally.

We are creative and innovative. Our innovations form the markets but we are not formed by innovation itself. We live tradition but we are not standing still. We develop products with a view towards our customers. Our twenty-five years of experience and solid entrepreneurship give our customers security well into the future.

List Of Products

RS 10S / 12S

The RS 10S and RS 12S are the best solution for automatic stacking behind saddle stitchers, perfect binders and inserters. They combine simple and solid design with superior performance. For high-speed requirements they can be equipped with optional high-speed servo pusher allowing ejection times less than 1 second. The quick non-tool setup, optional delivery directions (left, right, alternating, straight-out) and minimum space requirements allow efficient applications in diverse configurations.

PDF icon E-RS10S_12S.pdf
RS 25S / 30S

With more than 1000 units installed worldwide the RS 25S defines the standards in compensating stacking for mid-range web presses. Proven design, superior reliability, easy handling and minimal maintenance costs make the RS 25S a sound investment. The even more powerful RS 30S is a high-end stacker especially suited for 16-48 page productions behind modern web presses with high production speeds of 120,000 cph.

PDF icon E-RS30S.pdf
RS 32 / RS 36

The RS 32 / RS 36 high-speed / high volume stackers fulfil highest expectations. Improved stacker functions guarantee perfectly compressed and stable stacks even at highest production speeds and high paginations. Ease of operation is provided by easy access to format adjustment (large swivel mounted guards - RS 32 and two large plexi glass guards - RS 36) on the backside of the machine and by the colour touch screen. Stack quality is improved considerably when combined with the RS 109 Pacing Unit moving products safely to the RS 110 Blocking Unit even at highest speeds.

PDF icon E-RS36.pdf
RS 400

Whether one or two streams, one or two pallets of A4 - A3 bundles, all are covered by standard configuration of our Palletizing Robot RS 400. Rima's leading role in robotic technology is demonstrated by the high installation base in Europe and by the confidence of America's largest printers in these products. This is experience from which your future robotic projects will benefit.

RS 600

The fully automatic RS 600 is the ideal heavy- duty Log Stacker for high-speed / high-volume applications. This stacker offers excellent processing capabilities, minimal maintenance costs and a great variety of customized solutions. Available in three different versions.

PDF icon E-RS600.pdf
RS 810 / 820 RS 811 / 821

The RS 810 / 820 is a single trimmer with one knife (RS 810) or two knives (RS 820). The RS 810 / RS 820 perfectly integrates head - foot - or three-side trimming into all post press systems. The RS 810 / 820 rotary trimmer stands out through superior trimming quality and perfectly flat runs.

PDF icon E-RS821.pdf
RS 830

The RS 830 "all-in-one" trimming line is perfectly suited for all post press systems. It integrates two trimming units and one bump turn mounted on a compact and mobile frame for flexible applications behind divers folder deliveries.

PDF icon E-RS830.pdf
RS 840

The new RIMA-SYSTEM RS 840 is an innovative and space saving double stream rotary knife trimmer for in-line cutting behind dual delivery high-speed web presses. The independent function of the superimposed, two trimming units makes the RS 840 ideally suited for use behind web press A4 dual delivery as well as two press single delivery.

PDF icon E-RS830.pdf

The RS 11 is the best solution for automatic stacking behind slower saddle stitchers, perfect binders and inserters. The solid and simple design and the unbeatable price-benefit ratio make the RS 11 a real alternative for all bookbinderies with limited budget. Reliability, high resale value and recognized RIMA-SYSTEM standards make the RS 11 a safe investment over an extended time period.

PDF icon E-RS11.pdf