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Therm-O-Type is a family owned business that was founded in 1977 providing digital finishing products include; rotary die cutter, NSF Elite/Excel die cutting/foil stamping/embossing presses, Zip cutter/slitter/creaser/finisher models, right angle slitter and traditional business card slitter, and also produces foil fusers and hand fed thermography equipment.

Current Therm-O-Type products include; sheetfed foil stamping, embossing and die cutting presses, inline die-cut waste stripping attachments, foil fusers, foil cutters, cutter/slitter/creaser models, rotary die cutters, right angle slitters, handfed thermography machines and business card slitters.

Glue Tech - a new glueing machine for mounting boards, paper, magnet, plastic, die cut shapes and more!

Therm-O-Type also sells thermography powders, glitters, fusing foils and films, makeready supplies, watermark chemistry, business card boxes, letterpress tooling and HSFF (high-speed foil fusing) supplies.

Punch-Tech hole punching equipment. Many products require hole punching but unfortunately, current methods of adding holes are less than ideal. Die cutting often leaves undesirable waste in the “hole” and drilling is labor intensive and can only produce round holes. Using Punch-Tech equipment and tooling, round or shaped holes can be added with waste ejected cleanly from the sheet. Smaller products, printed multiple up, can be quickly, accurately and efficiently hole punched with minimal labor cost.

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  • Thermotype NSF Ultra
  • Punch Tech