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Since its founding in 1916, Osako & Co., Ltd. has been working on the development of saddle stitchers with an eye on the next generation in response to the needs of domestic and overseas customers. And from October 2020, Osako Seiki & Co., Ltd. has taken over all the business.
Inheriting the history of 100-odd years, we will strive to develop saddle stitchers with uncompromising technological innovation in pursuit of high bookbinding productivity. 

Recently, the culture of information media such as paperless and digital media has diversified, but downstream, it converges on paper media (books). People have an instinctive need to note on paper in order to memorize the information culture that flows quickly, and it is an indispensable part of life in all ages.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly in demand that this aggregate of publications (bookbinding) and the bookbinding machine that weaves it into a complete product be something that is easy to handle, safe, and innovative, seeking further evolution.

Focusing on automation using the latest electronics, it has become possible to set bookbinding settings quickly, something that previously required a mature operator . We are proud that this is also the result of keeping an eye on the trends of the times, such as the aging of the working population and the efficiency of customer workforce management.

Under the slogan of continuation is power, we continue to strive to create products that are loved by our customers.

  • Yoshino